Testosterone Deficiency & Testosterone Therapy

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Testosterone deficiency

Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone, the hormone that is often misunderstood. Many think that it is the elixir of youth which keeps a man young forever. Others picture sportsmen getting suspended for using it to enhance performance during competitive events.

Testosterone Therapy is legitimate medical treatment for men stricken with the condition of Testosterone Deficiency (TD). Studies have shown the link between Testosterone Deficiency (TD) and Metabolic Syndrome, commonly known as Syndrome X. Metabolic Syndrome consists of obesity, high blood pressure, high blood sugars or diabetes and high cholesterol. Men with TD often complain of weakened erections or erectile dysfunction, loss of morning erections, loss of sex drive or libido and generalised poor energy levels affecting their productivity at work. Some even have difficulty staying awake during important meetings or at their work desk!

The effects of TD on sexual function often results in a strain in the couple's relationship and a negative impact on a man's self esteem and confidence. TD is more common once a man reaches the age of 40 and one should never attribute these changes to normal aging. Low levels of testosterone in a man's system puts him at higher risk for heart diseases and even strokes, not to mention a decreased life expectancy.

The aim of testosterone therapy is to bring the testosterone levels of a man to the normal range so as to treat the problem that causes the symptoms above and to improve the quality of life as well as general health and well-being of the man. Initiation of testosterone therapy requires prescriptive medications from a medical doctor and there is a need for follow-up to keep the man in tip-top condition.

Do you think you or your loved one may have TD? Seek help early.