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The prostate gland is often referred to as a walnut-sized gland.

Most men do not know that this gland exists till it gives them problems.

The prostate gland together with a pair of seminal vesicles would produce semen which provides the nutrients for the sperms to survive once they are “deployed” in the female genital tract in search of the egg.

In a way, the prostate is associated with pleasurable activity. 🙂

The prostate is also associated with an often overlooked function. Something we take for granted.

Passing urine.

The prostate gland enlarges in size as a man ages. Unlike most male reproductive organs, this is one organ that a man should not wish to be well endowed in. Due to its location, being at the bladder neck, the sheer size of the prostate can make urination more difficult.

When men present to the urologist, the attention is always on the prostate.

  1. To rule out prostate cancer
  2. To shrink the prostate
  3. To open up the channel within the prostate

The truth of the matter is, once we have ruled out prostate cancer, we should actually focus on the urinary bladder.

The urinary bladder bears the brunt of an enlarged obstructing prostate gland.

The urinary bladder has 2 roles:

  1. storage of urine
  2. emptying of urine

When the prostate is large enough to cause obstruction to the flow of urine, the bladder works harder to squeeze the urine out of the body. Just like any stressful events, prolonged stress would result in fatigue and failure!

Unfortunately, we are unable to save the bladder once it fails.

A person’s quality of life really plummets when there is bladder failure. It affects not just himself but also his significant other as well as the loved ones around him.

Early treatment of an enlarged prostate is advisable. By treating the prostate, the bladder is spared from long-term irreversible damage.

Treatment ranges from oral medications to surgical procedures eg TURP, Greenlight Laser.

Novel minimally invasive surgical options would include UroLift.

Improving a man’s urinary issues can now be done without causing sexual dysfunction.

Should you have any concerns that there are problems with urination, see a urologist early.

Be kind to your bladder. Bladder health is often neglected.

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