Being a Better Man. The Andrologist is here to help

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Sexual dysfunction was a topic not taught in depth when I was a medical student. This could well be the reason why many healthcare professionals are uncomfortable with discussing these issues when a male patient surfaces this during the follow up of his chronic medical conditions.

With better understanding of this previously ignored “taboo” topic, urologists fellowship-trained in andrology and sexual medicine are able to offer proper medical and surgical treatment to men who are afflicted with these conditions.

3 common sexual issues I see in my practice include:

  1. erectile dysfunction
  2. premature ejaculation
  3. penile curvature

Men who find it difficult to broach this topic with their regular family doctor seek the internet for “medications” and advice, in the hope of restoring their manhood. There have been potentially avoidable tragedies from the consumption of counterfeit medication, back alley bogus drugs, unsafe injections and exercises to modify the dimensions of the penis.

I encourage men facing these bedroom issues to seek proper professional help. As with all clinical encounters with a healthcare professional, physical examination is as important as history taking.  A specialist with proper training would be able to recommend investigations that help to pinpoint the cause and rule out any other worrisome causes that may require immediate attention.

Proper prescriptive medication can also be given on the spot. Adequate counselling regarding how to use these medication, what to expect and what are the red flags to look out for.

To the men out there who are struggling with these issues, make a trip down to the clinic for proper assessment and treatment.

To the significant other of these men, encourage them to seek proper assessment and treatment.


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