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prosthetic urologist

As medical science advances, we find that we are able to replace increasing parts of our anatomy as we age.

We have the cardiothoracic surgeons replacing heart valves for the longest time. The orthopaedic surgeons replacing joints with increasing advanced implants. The most well-known of implants include breast implants by our plastic surgeons. Our dental colleagues also put in permanent implants for patients with poor dentition wishing to have the million dollar smile.

Amongst the urologists, we also have a group of us prosthetic urologists.Prosthetic urologists put in urological prosthesis.

Testicular implants for men who have lost their family jewel due to cancer or trauma, artificial urinary sphincters to treat severe stress urinary incontinence and urethra slings to treat moderate stress urinary incontinence.

Erectile dysfunction that is refractory to medical therapy and other non-surgical treatment modalities can be cured with the penile prosthesis or the penile implant. This procedure is not as invasive as some imagine it to be. It is a day surgical procedure and the patient would only have to stay overnight in the hospital and 6 weeks after surgery, he would have top quality penile erections. There is a choice between the malleable non-inflatable implant versus the inflatable implant.

Men who need these implants are not necessarily older men. We have placed implants for younger men with spinal cord injury, men who had pelvic surgery and/or pelvic radiotherapy and men with early onset of diabetes with resulting severe erectile dysfunction.

These implants do not only benefit the men in terms of sexual function and self esteem, but also their partners.

Check out this article from someone who has the experience of the penile implant.

Erectile dysfunction is treatable. Do consult a prosthetic urologist today.

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